New Show Postman Center July 1, 2015

Hello to all and it has been a busy time for many new things have happen.  Been very busy with creating new art.  It takes a lot of time and finding new ways to express myself has been a lot of fun and learning more about myself.  I have new tools and new ideas how to put them together.  I enjoy this process.  The new show is some of the vision I have been putting down on canvas.  

The title of the show is called "Emerging".  I like working big and small.  I have added them to the big and small areas.  The show will start July 1st and will be up till Oct 13th,2015.  The location will be at the Postma Center for worship and Education, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, 3oo 68th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.  I will be taking some art classes this summer and that should be great fun.  More things will be forth coming.

Artprize is coming again.  I am working on that project also.  More info to come.