ArtPrize Entry

For the last 3 months I have been working on my official entry into the 2014 ArtPrize competition. A former gallery owner that I worked with in the past approached me and had already secured a venue for the competition. This would be my first solo entry for the event, in the past I have collaborated with other artists on larger exhibitions.

After recently producing over 20 original paintings for a show, I decided that a painting was what I wanted to do. In past works I often looked for inspiration in current events or historical events as the basis for my art. I believe every piece of art I product has a story, and this story evolves as does the art until its finished. 

Description of artwork:

We live in many spaces of time, creating many moments that bring joys and sadness.  Choices can connect us with the old and new in life.  The passing of these times may seem long lasting and never ending wanted and unwanted moments. Our moments come in many shapes and colors.  We have many places to go in our journey of life.  We see blue skies that we hope will bring bright days with joys.  To hold these moments is a special thing that we can do or not do.  We have the gift of choice.  Our lives become eternal in our spirit forever.  "Moments Eternal"

This final canvas size is 48" x 72" in portrait format. Acrylic Paint

Voting Number# 56559

  Moments Eternal  by Carol A. Johnson - 48”x72”x1.5”d    

Moments Eternal  by Carol A. Johnson - 48”x72”x1.5”d