Meet the Artist Event July 28th at Osteria Rossa

New event happening July 28th.  A chance to meet and talk with the artist at Osteria Rossa Restaurant.  The location is 16 Monroe Center St Ne.  I have artwork that is presently on display in this location.  The event will start at 5:00 pm till 7:00 pm.  This event is given by the App Gallery. I look forward to meeting with you.  

New Show Postman Center July 1, 2015

Hello to all and it has been a busy time for many new things have happen.  Been very busy with creating new art.  It takes a lot of time and finding new ways to express myself has been a lot of fun and learning more about myself.  I have new tools and new ideas how to put them together.  I enjoy this process.  The new show is some of the vision I have been putting down on canvas.  

The title of the show is called "Emerging".  I like working big and small.  I have added them to the big and small areas.  The show will start July 1st and will be up till Oct 13th,2015.  The location will be at the Postma Center for worship and Education, Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services, 3oo 68th Street SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49548.  I will be taking some art classes this summer and that should be great fun.  More things will be forth coming.

Artprize is coming again.  I am working on that project also.  More info to come.  

Happy New Year

2014 was a special year for many reasons.  It had a lot of color of emotions around my work of art.  I learned a lot about my art.  It was filled with good moments and some challenging moments.  The ArtPrize was a very bright time for me.  Many people had a chance to see my art.  Happy New Year to all and myself!!  I am getting ready for the 2015. I had a busy 2014. A large amount of paintings was created.  It has been a lot of fun.  The use of the paint processes is very exciting on many levels.  Some times I felt that color and moving paint we have been dancing together.  I found out much about myself.  I really like using the colors, black, reds and white. I also was surprise to see how much yellows and reds became a big part of my work.  I also like the relationship that happens with the use of red, black, and white.  It feels really good when they come together.  I am learning a lot about my self in what I like and don’t like. (Smile) I have gotten many new happening that I love as well.  Loosing track of time is very easy when having fun. 

My art show this year was great. It was a time that allowed me a chance to meet and share my work.  I truly enjoy the event and the food!

 I also had a chance to continue to add and work with a vey rewarding time with a group of very caring people called ACT, (Artist Creating Together/ Very Special Art group that has art programing for mentally and physically challenged children and adults.  I have been a part of this program for over 17 years.  I have done art in many schools and different location that deal with teaching and designing special program for them.  This is very rewarding on many levels for all.

 The past few days of the year have been taking up the job of getting my studio ready for the work ahead with art and more.  I have new ideas and I am looking forward to doing the work.  Time to give the studio a good fresh overhaul.  Brushes need to be refreshed and cleaned. It is a thing I like taking care of my brushes.  They are very special to me.   Getting new canvas to paint is exciting as well.  I am looking forward to giving birth to new art ideas this cold winter.  Winter is a good tome to do my thing and drinking hot coco.  So I am on my way!

ArtPrize Entry

For the last 3 months I have been working on my official entry into the 2014 ArtPrize competition. A former gallery owner that I worked with in the past approached me and had already secured a venue for the competition. This would be my first solo entry for the event, in the past I have collaborated with other artists on larger exhibitions.

After recently producing over 20 original paintings for a show, I decided that a painting was what I wanted to do. In past works I often looked for inspiration in current events or historical events as the basis for my art. I believe every piece of art I product has a story, and this story evolves as does the art until its finished. 

Description of artwork:

We live in many spaces of time, creating many moments that bring joys and sadness.  Choices can connect us with the old and new in life.  The passing of these times may seem long lasting and never ending wanted and unwanted moments. Our moments come in many shapes and colors.  We have many places to go in our journey of life.  We see blue skies that we hope will bring bright days with joys.  To hold these moments is a special thing that we can do or not do.  We have the gift of choice.  Our lives become eternal in our spirit forever.  "Moments Eternal"

This final canvas size is 48" x 72" in portrait format. Acrylic Paint

Voting Number# 56559

  Moments Eternal  by Carol A. Johnson - 48”x72”x1.5”d    

Moments Eternal  by Carol A. Johnson - 48”x72”x1.5”d